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Awful customer service

First of all they forgot to send half of my order. I emailed to try fix this issue and got no response. 3 emails later, still no response. In the meantime I’ve had 3 emails asking me to review my order. So here you are. I wish I could give 0 star review.

Paid for next day delivery by 3pm - it never happened

I paid for next day delivery by 3pm and got my package 4 days after. Bad customer service

Virunga Gold

To start Clean Crisp fading to Strong sweet honey like finish , you can tell its strong
beer at 6.5% Volume. Strong sweet aftertaste.

Worst company ever

Order not delivered six weeks after payment taken. All reminders have been ignored.

Glorious still sweet Vouvray

I know my taste is unusual, but to sit down at 6pm, feet up and relaxing with a glass of Nicolas Brunet 2015 Vouvray Tranquille Moelleux is a glorious start to a perfect evening by the fireside in front of the television. Throw in a crispy biscuit snack and heaven is not far away.

Lovely alternative to alcohol

Thoroughly enjoyed this drink much drier than other non alcohol fizzes will reorder recommend this drink came promptly and securely wrapped

Life Changing

The best beer I’ve ever had. You would have absolutely no idea it was 6.5%.

best non alcoholic wine we’ve had

i know its sparkling, we’ve looked for something to drink with food that’s not alcohol but very much like wine for quite some time. We’ve had some awful non alcoholic wines before…we are normally red drinkers. however this white sparkling Chardonnay ticks the box for us.. its as close to a wine all be it prosecco perhaps that we’ve come across..

5 stars

Ordered these for my boyfriend as he cannot get this beer anywhere in the UK. Very good service and product as described. I’ll defo be ordering again as I was very satisfied with the service 🙂


Though my pregnancy I’ve tried a number of alcohol alternatives at parties. Noughty is by a mile the best!

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Beer | 275ml | U&I Drinks | 4% Abv

Highly recommended

Fantastic service I wanted to try a couple of things and they couldn't help enough, they sent me some tonic, which was fab and highly recommend the coconut gin for cocktails.

I'd missed my mutzig!

Ever since i left East Africa i have missed my Mutzig beers in Rwanda. So glad to find i can now get them in the UK! Will be ordering. Lots!

Amazing wine

Bought this wine to try it as i dont like wines with a lot sulphites, am in love with this smooth wine with its smoky taste fab with meat or on its own…


this wine is amazing and came so quickly

The best Alcohol Free Red Wine

This red wine has been a game-changer! After giving up drinking over a year ago, last Christmas I really missed having a glass of red wine on a cold evening. So many alcohol-free/low-alcohol wines taste too sweet or miss the mark. This one is great - love it! And the delivery from U & I Drinks was so quick - awesome service!

Excellent delivered on all levels :)

Better than Champagne!

I’d never tried Vouvray brut before, but boy will I be back! Smooth, fine bubbles!

Lovely Red Wine

Bought this twice now as it’s one of the best full bodied French wines I’ve tasted in a while. Smooth, rich and a slightly smoky delicate after taste which leaves you wanting more.

Almost there, definitely the best I’ve tried so far

Title says it all really. I’ve tried a lot of AF reds. Most are no good, even for fish and chips, in fact you may as well drink vinegar instead. This red however is different.

I heard about it on BBC Radio 4 and it’s how they chill it and remove the alcohol that intrigued me, so naturally I had to give it a go. Struggled to get hold of it as demand had gone through the roof, but managed to get a couple of bottles.

Before I opened them, I messaged the company and asked how it should be drank, i.e. does it need to be chilled, breathe etc. They suggested slightly chilled, with a meal, no breathing time as it’s not aged, and think of it as a light new aged red. This is exactly how it tastes and should be thought of.

It’s not dark, it’s light, but it does retain some tannins and it’s actually pleasurable to drink. I do agree it’s better slight cooler and with a meal it’s perfect as your not sipping it purely looking for the tasting notes as with a meal it’s more about just having liquid in the mouth.

If they can somehow intensify the flavour and get even more tannins in, this will be the worlds best number one alcohol free red wine hands down, I kid you not.

Amazing taste. Perfect.

Definitely THE best Dealcoholized red wine I have ever tried. Perfectly dry – it tastes EXACTLY like a good red.